03 June, 2012

The Reason I Designed Callum

I have preferences and sometimes it is very complicated to meet all the criteria in one garment.  Callum met them all, big time.  First, I am a No Sew Knitter, I love Multi-Directional methods, I love Top Down, I love Cables, and most of all I have never been pleased with working a pullover neckband larger to make it comfortable for wee ones to have it pulled over their head; babies and toddlers sometimes panic when that happens; I do not like them to be buttoned up at the shoulder to make it easier to dress them; also I don’t want to always design cardigans to solve the neckband problem.  I think babies and toddlers deserve to dress in all styles like everybody else.

My first step to solve my concerns was the Neckband.  After all the neckband is the first step in Top Downs.  I began the neckband with a Provisional Cast On, the problem with that cast on method is that it is easy to knit, but complicated to write the written instructions.  When the neckband is completed both ends of the work are folded over and knit together, that eliminates the normal Cast On that is never stretchy enough.  Problem solved, this neckband is very stretchy and it fits comfortably around the neck when being worn.   

 Next, I had to work more than one cable pattern side by side, that meant that both patterns had to have compatible rows, the main one was a multiple of 16 rows and the side cables were a multiple of 4 rows.  That works because the 4 rows are worked 4 times while the main one is worked once.  Both patterns have to be either equal or a number of repeats of one to equal the other.

Then I had to design the Multidirectional panels.  Because this was going to be a long journey, I managed to work the Centre Back Panel and both the Shoulder Panels with the same number of stitches, that meant that all of them could be worked with the same pattern instructions. That cut down quite a bit of writing and confusion for the knitters who choose to knit Callum, hopefully many knitters will. I do try to make my patterns very detailed but with very clear instructions.  Next the front and back yoke panels were both worked from the same pattern instructions except for the set up rows.

Then working the body and the sleeves required the cable patterns to be adjusted to accommodate the “Worked in the Round” method. 

 I totally enjoyed designing this pattern as it met all my criteria and kept me busy for a long time, no problem, I am retired, after all. 

MommaBearKnits and Designs, in all directions of the compass and she refuses to sew up even one seam.  

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  1. Beautiful! So happy that you have worked through the numbers and design of a totally gorgeous sweater ... I look forward to making one (or more) for my grandchildren!