11 February, 2009

Back on Track!

Beautiful blossom in my retirement bouquet from my BabyBear and Grand Baby Bears.
Went out of the house today. Feeling better. Visited with Deb at Cabin Fever. I said I would stop knitting socks, after all, I don't need any more. After looking at her project with Hand Dyed yarn, I was once again hooked. I went home, wound up the skein of Hand Dyed yarn that I purchased from The Black Lamb at the KW Show, found a pattern (me using a sock pattern!) "Diagonal Cross-Rib Socks" by Ann Budd. And here I go again.

It is beautiful colour (Shades of green and pale purple). The picture does not do it justice. Oh yeah, Chocolate jumped right in to his job of supervisor along with SnowBall, a new bear that I aquired from a former work mate as a retirement gift. Thanks, Kim and Richard. MommaBear is back on track. Still knitting.

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  1. Can you have too many hand knitted socks. I never believe you when you say you are finished knitting socks! Beautiful colours.