17 February, 2009

Huggy Bear Will Really Happen! Wow!

"Huggy Bear" will be, will be. I want to thank Deb for her encouragement and of course, Jo-Anne for her comments on my blog. The white Huggy was just a wandering in my mind with my sticks and string. I was just playing around with my "Do the #'s" and I didn't even write it down, just knitted on for pleasure. I have now completed a real one, size Preemie, with the pattern on paper. I, of course, am pretty careful about all the sizes working so now I am knitting a size 12 months to see just how that looks, will it be too babyish for the toddler size 18 months, or will it work even for a little girl, perhaps sizes 2-8 with a little embelishment. I will likely do one more before I actually submit the pattern, hopefully to a pattern checker, if she will have me, and then I will polish up the layout, fix the typos, correct the mistakes and submit it to PatternFish. Wow, what a rush.
Oh, yeah! I finished my hand dyed yarn socks. They were so much fun to do that I knit on into the night. Love them. Cannot wait to get some more hand dyed yarn and try another pattern. This is very unusual for me, I always just knit my socks the way my mom taught me many many moons ago.
Until next time, MommaBearKnits and is really enjoying her Freedom 65. Why would anyone ask me if I am bored at home. I cannot possibly get all my dreams on paper and knitted up. I am also trying to clean out my space. Oh my Gawd, it is not good to live in the same house for over 35 years.

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  1. I love those little sweaters. The cross-over is great.