25 February, 2009

Huggy Bear Continues

It's really going to happen. I am going to ship my Huggy Bear off to a pattern checker and then we will go from there. I visited Deb today and took some pictures with a wonderful yarn-in- stock background. I would really like to have a live baby model; we will see how that goes. I have not really decided on the front picture yet. The green one is size Preemie.
Because I am pretty careful about the numbers I usually knit at least three of the sizes just to see if a pattern that works for a Preemie also works for a Toddler. The mauve one is size 12 months. Now I am working on a size 6 months in Cabin Fever Cotton Tweed DK, in Denim Blue of course, my favourite colour.

I also realized that the button layout is a little different so I will include the picture below to help with the layout.

Whoever thought I would be bored with my retirement is sadly mistaken. I am having a ball and my creativety is blossoming. My next project will be a hoodie with a collar option as well. Then I will dive into some multi-directional stuff. Freedom 65 does not suck, it expands your horizon if you let it.
MommaBear will knit forever and a day.

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