12 February, 2009

Moving Right Along!

Disappointed that the fabulous colour doesn't stand out in the picture. The pattern is a pretty simple and easy to do without constantly checking the chart. There is a diagonal cross pattern that is worked so that the columns on one sock are knitted with a left leaning stitch while the other sock with a right leaning stitch. Pretty cool eh!

I am also disappointed that the pattern does not stand out better in the picture but it is very pretty with the beautiful colours of the yarn. I am working both socks at the same time as I only have one skein so I want to keep an eye on the amount left to finish the socks.

I am getting back to my pattern designing------ the next project will be the crossed front Huggy Bear. I think it can work for a boy or a girl depending on the trim.

Until I post again, remember, MommaBear is Knitting her heart out!!!!!!


  1. I do love that little sweater. I can't wait to see what you do with it.

  2. I'm with Deb. I think that sweater is one of my favourites. We'll be watching - knit on.